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Everybody likes to work in a clean and thoroughly tidied up place. It is no secret that in such an environment, the productivity and creativity increase and employees are more efficient and satisfied. It is really comforting when you come to work and you can smell delicious coffee and not dust.You do not have to check every morning to see if your space is clean and fear that during a meeting, customers will notice a cobweb or streaks on the windows.

Since 2012, we have been taking care of cleanliness in offices, shopping arcades or housing estates.We are as professional as one can be! We would be more than happy to take care of cleanliness in your company.

We are here to give you that comfort!

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What we do? 



Cleanliness to protect you

Cleanliness and disinfection are essential!There is no room for compromise and half measures. Absolute cleanliness that protects you and your employees is our priority.

Sky is the limit – your needs are the limit

You can make us fully responsible for cleanliness. Our staff will be happy to clean the windows, tidy up the office, mow the lawn and, if necessary, carry out pest control to get rid of wild tenants. It will be clean as never before! We pass every white-glove test without any problems.

Revolution in cleanliness

There is no such thing as half quality. Therefore, in the Art`Ev Agency you get all our time, all our commitment, equipment and timely, reliable work. It is a guarantee, not a promise. Only the best professionals, top-class cleaning products that are safe for people and animals can give you confidence and safety, so that you can easily work and live.