Agencja Art'Ev

Agencja art'Ev

Cleaning after renovation

We all know that renovation is exhausting and time consuming. We are at your disposal! Whether you are renovating a flat, an office or are a developer, who prepares flats for acceptance, our employees will be happy to help you bring the premises to full cleanliness.

We will deal with the removal and transport of rubble, dust and all renovation remains. We will remove stubborn dirt. We will wash the windows and walls. We will clean up the space around the building or premises. Nothing is impossible for us. Cleaning after renovation, just like other services, will be fully adapted to your needs! 

What will we do?

  • Remove rubbish and debris after renovation;
  • Remove dust and thoroughly clean all rooms;
  • Clean the equipment;
  • Clean the elevation;
  • Clean the green areas around the premises;
  • Clean and protect the surfaces made of stone, wood or PVC.


  • You can take care of interior design, room planning – we will make sure it is absolutely clean and tidy;
  • We act comprehensively and our team is at your disposal;
  • We take care of every detail so that the premises are ready to move in;
  • We will adjust the offer to your needs.

Call us, we will come and clean up after the renovation