Agencja Art'Ev

Agencja art'Ev

Cleaning of housing estates

Clean staircases, trimmed lawns, regularly cleaned waste sheds – these elements are the show-piece of the estate, but they also constitute a protection against insects and rodents.We use special cleaning products which are effective yet safe for humans and animals. We can assure you that letterboxes, lamps and railings are safe and clean, and staircases neatly maintained, no matter the time of year.

We often take care of housing estates that require a lot thorough cleaning. We notice many months, and sometimes even years of neglect. Such a state is difficult for us to imagine, because we really love our work and each and every team is very committed to every task. Clean and well-maintained housing estate is not only a show-piece of its residents and manager, but also the best advertising for the cleaning company.

Each housing estate we care about receives its own manager, who checks the cleanliness, plans daily cleaning, periodic work and ensures the accessibility of cleaning products.

What exactly do we do?

It all depends on the needs of the housing community or cooperative. Our cooperation always starts with a meeting and with setting the expectations.





The scope of our work is very wide. We propose:

  • Sweeping and washing of staircases;
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the railings, letterboxes, lifts;
  • Washing windows, front doors, handles, lamps, light switches;
  • Care of green areas, lawn mowing, hedge trimming;
  • Taking care of cleanliness in the car park and in waste sheds;
  • Clearing internal roads of snow;
  • Emptying of common waste bins;
  • Deratisation. 


  • We guarantee clean and safe staircases and lifts;
  • We use cleaning products that are safe for humans and animals;
  • A clean housing estate is protection against insects – ants, cockroaches and rodents;
  • We operate professionally – we have experience taking care of housing estates since 2012.
  • Each offer is fully adapted to the needs of a particular housing estate.

Contact us if you need a reliable company that will take care of the cleanliness of your housing estate