Agencja Art'Ev

Agencja art'Ev

Cleaning of offices

A clean office, where one can smell coffee or fine, pleasant perfume is not only a comfort for the employees, but also customers. Nowadays, it is not only about prestige, but about an absolute necessity. Entrust us with the cleanliness of your office and you will be able to forget about any corrections or shortcomings. The whole work is supervised by an account manager, who takes care of the quality and timeliness of the work.

What exactly do we do?

We will take care of everything you need to make your office really clean.

  • We will vacuum, wash and disinfect floors, stairs, corridors and lobbies;
  • We will wash and vacuum the carpets and upholstered furniture;
  • We will clean glass surfaces – lamps, doors, showcases;
  • We will not forget about the railings and walls – dust has no chance;
  • We will take care of absolute cleanliness in bathrooms and toilets – we will not only clean and disinfect the washbasins, showers and fittings, but also mirrors, dispensers and dryers;
  • We will check whether the sanitary facilities in the kitchen and bathroom need to be replenished;
  • We will wash and polish the windows, doors and frames to a shine;
  • We will clean office kitchens (water dispensers also need cleaning and disinfection);




The benefits, or what you will get out of it:

  • First of all, clean office, spotless windows, no dust even in the smallest nooks and crannies (we know well where it hides);
  • You do not have to check, control or require corrections – this is what your account manager will do;
  • Guarantee that you can count on us. We will not call to say we will not come to do our job. We are always there, no matter the circumstances;
  • Używamy najlepszych i sprawdzonych środków czystości – dla bezpieczeństwa Twoich pracowników i klientów;
  • We use the best and proven cleaning products – for the safety of your employees and customers;
  • We act professionally and confidently, with full commitment;
  • Our staff have been working with us for many years – you can be sure that your office is being taken care of by proven people; You get a special price offer – depending on what you need. That is because cleaning an office does not have to be expensive for it to be thorough.


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