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Agencja art'Ev

Cleaning of public buildings

Places of large concentrations of people, such as an office, a school or a university, require absolute cleanliness. It is no longer just about making a good impression, but above all, it is about common safety. Cleaning schools, universities and offices is our speciality. We approach this task with great care and commitment. It is not only comfort and pleasure, but also elimination of the greatest risks.

Each facility, such as a school, university or office, has its own dedicated manager who makes sure that there is absolute cleanliness, checks the timely execution of the ordered work, manages the team and ensures that there is no shortage of cleaning products. .

Whether you need a one-off service or regular one – our team is at your disposal!

There are no restrictions for us when it comes to cleaning. The most important thing is your satisfaction and cleanliness. Contact us and tell us what exactly you need, and we will prepare a tailored offer just for you. We will offer you the highest quality of services with a committed team. 





Where do we render our cleaning services?

  • In educational institutions – schools, kindergartens, universities – both private and public ones;
  • We clean health centres, clinics and private clinics;
  • Our clients are also cultural centres: museums, theatres, cinemas, cultural centres, art galleries;
  • We clean up offices and other state institutions;
  • Railway stations, bus stations;
  • Sports and recreation facilities.

What exactly do we do?

  • We sweep, wash and disinfect floors, stairs, corridors and lobbies;
  • We wash and vacuum the carpets and upholstered furniture;
  • We vacuum thoroughly all furniture in the office;
  • We clean glass surfaces – lamps, doors, showcases;
  • We do not forget about the railings and walls (dust has no chance);/li>
  • We take care of absolute cleanliness in bathrooms and toilets – we not only clean and disinfect washbasins, showers and fittings, but also mirrors, dispensers and dryers;
  • We check whether the sanitary facilities in the kitchen and bathroom need to be replenished;
  • We wash and polish the windows, doors and frames to a shine;
  • We clean office kitchens (water dispensers also need cleaning and disinfection);
  • We empty the waste bins.


  • Thorough cleaning of facilities where there are a lot of people is about safety and comfort;
  • We use safe cleaning products;
  • We are more thorough than many accountants. Dust and dirt have no chance with us;
  • You get a manager who makes sure that the cleaning is thorough, completed on time and with a smile.

Do you care about cleanliness and safety in places where a lot of people gather? Call us