Agencja Art'Ev

Agencja art'Ev


Unpleasant and irritating scents are often not only a matter of discomfort, but also a real threat to health and well-being. Burning, mustiness, tobacco smoke – you can effectively get rid of it and enjoy a delicate scent left afterwards.

A great solution for those who need high quality and pleasant atmosphere in an office, gallery or bureau. An unpleasant or irritating smell is not in favour of the ability to focus or efficiency. Neither is it pleasant. It may even cause headaches and migraines.

In this case, our specialists are at your disposal. We will make an unpleasant smell turn into a delicate fragrance.

What kind of smells are we getting rid of?

  • These extremes ones – caused by fire or burning;
  • Moisture, fermentation and mustiness;
  • Construction chemicals smells;
  • Smell of cigarette smoke;
  • Faeces odour.

If you have a problem with unpleasant odours, please contact us right away. Our trained staff is at your disposal. We will come with the appropriate equipment and we will remove the unwanted odours – whether by ozone or with the use of other methods that we use.

Call us if you want to get rid of bad smells