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Agencja art'Ev

Maintenance of green areas

Well maintained green areas are the show-piece of a housing estate or an office. However, maintaining green areas is not only about grass mowing and tree trimming, but also care treatments.

Hedge trimming, grass fertilization, protection of sensitive plants against winter cold, cleaning of pavements, car park places or waste sheds – every single one of these details affects the image of a housing estate or company.

Our employees who specialise in taking care of green areas will be happy to help you in taking care of every detail. We will refine the specifics and deal with every detail so that your environment is taken care of, clean, pleasing to the eye and maybe a bit envy-stirring.

What do we do?

  • Taking care of cleanliness of pavements, parking spaces and waste sheds;
  • Supervision of internal roads – maintenance, snow shoveling;
  • Snow shoveling, icicles and snow removal;
  • Lawn care;
  • Hedges trimming;
  • Cutting trees and shrubs.


  • A well-maintained area around the estate, office and shopping arcade;
  • A team of trained employees who have knowledge about taking care of greenery;
  • The offer is fully adapted to the needs and possibilities;
  • Professional equipment.

Do you need support in taking care of green areas? Contact us right away